Here are some useful links that provide access to highly useful information

Psychological Self-help
Psychological Self-Help is a 1000 page online searchable book loaded with mental health information. If you learn by reading, you have found a goldmine!

WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information. You can trust that our content is timely and credible.

Life Innovations works with counselors and clergy to provide premarital counseling and marriage enrichment using the PREPARE/ENRICH Program. Our ultimate goal is to help couples prepare for marriage (PREPARE Program) and to enrich the marriage of those already married (ENRICH Program). These are the most popular couple programs in the United States and they are also available in ten other countries.

Ask an Expert
Ask specific questions on any imaginable subject. Get a personal email response from a expert within hours. Topics range from medical to hobbies to relationships to computers.

Mental Health News

An excellent source of mental health news and research.

Especially For Women is a popular site for a wide variety of women's interests.

The Society for Spirituality, Theology, and Health

This society is a multidisciplinary network committed to intellectual engagement, collaboration among members, and support and encouragement for research.

Search the Bible by key word or passage from any one of 15 English translations. Ideal for research and study. Audio versions are also availabe here.

Spirituality and Health
Opens you to a wide array of spiritual matters including reviews of books and movies and "soul booster" quotes.

Reference Desk

The single best source of facts on the web. This portal is like the reference desk of a great library.

Medical Resources
The Merck company (publishers of the famous Merck Manual) is a highly reputable source of the best in medical information.

Listing for Holistic Healers in the St. Croix Valley.