Book Titles
Women of Substance Book Club/Support Group 
1.   Living in the Comfort Zone, by Lerner - 185 pages.
      Subject:   Relationship Boundaries.  Non-fiction
      Group meets:   3/2/10 and 3/16//10
2.   Younger Next Year for Women:  Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond, by Crowley and Lodge - 357 pages.
      Subject:   Health and Fitness.  Non-fiction
      Group meets:   3/30/10, 4/13/10, 4/27/10, and 5/11/10
3.   Can't Wait to Get to Heaven, by Flagg - 375 pages.
      Subject:   Spirituality.  Fiction
      Group meets:   5/25/10 and 6/08/10
4.   The Resilience Factor, by Reivich and Shatte - 320 pages.
      Subject:   Improving ability to withstand stresses of life.  Non-fiction
      Group meets:   6/22/10, 7/06/10, and 7/20/10
5.   Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway, by Jeffers - 219 pages.
      Subject:   Tools to face the fears that hold you back.  Non-fiction
      Group meets:   8/03/10 and 8/17/10
6.   Women of Spirit:  Stories of Courage from the Women Who Lived Them, by Martin - 375 pages.
      Subject:   Thirty-five women who succeeded in making a difference in the world relating their experiences.  Non-fiction
      Group meets:   8/31/10, 9/14/10, and 9/28/10
7.   How to Turn Your Money Life Around:  The Money Book for Women, Hayden - 140 pages.
      Subject:   Women and money.  Non-fiction
      Group meets:   10/12/10 and 10/26/10
8.   Fearless Relationships:  Simple Rules for Lifelong Contentment, by Casey - 136 pages.
      Subject:   Tending our relationships.  Non-fiction
      Group meets:   11/09/10 and 11/30/10
9.   Finding Yourself in Transition:  Using Life's Changes for Spiritual Awakenning, by Burmet - 167 pages.
      Subject:   Discover how to use change as a gateway to greater personal and spiritual growth.  Non-fiction
      Group meets:   12/14/10 and 12/28/10